Boom Beach Hack

Using a Boom Beach Hack

Boom Beach hack is the popular hacking software used by many people in the modern days. If you like playing Boom Beach game, you should have this software, so as to get the best results and experience in the process of playing the game.

If you are a seasoned gamer or you are a beginner, this game will give you a good experience due to the fun it gives and also its simplicity. Beam beach is a game designed by Supercell Company. This company is well known for designing Android games.

Boom Beach Hack

As you play the game, there are different ways you can increase fun with and ensure that they get the good experience. Using a Boom Beach hack which you can find at Boom-Beach-Hack is one of the best ways to enjoy this game. Below are key features of the hack.

How to Use the Boom Beach Hack?

Boom Beach hack helps in generating a lot of diamonds, woods and gold with just a click of button or a finger or a tap. You will be able to use this tool by only clicking or tapping. This makes it easier to use even to beginners.

In addition, this tool can be used in all mobile devices such as iPads, tablets, desktops, iOS, Android and others. You do not need a jailbreak because it is fully optimized so, you do not need to worry about safety or security issues.

This tool can be used without any worry of being banned and helps you add more diamonds, gold and all other resources as you need. It is also good to note that you do everything online, meaning that no footprints are involved.

This boosts your safety as you play the game and enhance the experience you get from the game itself. The use of a new anti ban technology is included and there is also the use of proxy servers which increases the safety involved.

Hay Day – Honest Review

An Honest Review of Hay Day

We’ve all heard about Supercell’s flagship mobile game, Clash of Clans. However, Supercell has also released another game titled Hay Day. While not as well known, or as often played, as Clash of Clans, the game is quite spectacular in its own right.

After recently having started playing it, I can attest to the fact that it is a game every enthusiast of mobile games should pleasure themself in enjoying. I also use the free Hay Day hack at to get free & unlimited resources for my account.

Hay Day

Hay Day Intuitive Controls

I initially took Hay Day’s intuitive controls for granted. From the very start, it was such an easy game to get accustomed to. Only after trying out some less well known games of the same type from smaller companies did I realize just how magnificently simple Hay Day’s controls were.

For starters, gone are the days of tiny menus set off on the side of the screen at all times, constantly getting in the way and being overall detrimental to the gaming experience. With Hay Day, permanent buttons for various functions are always present only in the four corners of the screen, leaving everything else free and uncluttered.

Instead of constant menus bothering the gamer within us, specific options only pop up when they are relevant and an item is clicked on. Although this may seem like a trivial matter, it without a doubt separates Hay Day from its competition-and in the best possible way.

Unparalleled Graphics Quality

If I had to choose just one reason as to why I would recommend someone to play Hay Day, it could easily be due to the graphics quality. Without overcomplicating, visuals in every stage of the game are stunning to look out. Everything from the home screen to the menus to even the detailing of the trees in the forest is masterfully drawn out.

The best part is that this quality does not particularly diminish when the game is played on a lower quality phone. Quickly installing the game on a tiny 3.7 inch LG Optimus proved this point. The only complaint I have is that Supercell does not seem to have maintained these graphics completely when the user zooms in on any structure on the main screen.

This is where quality goes down slightly, but as a whole the package is as close to perfect as one can get without quite being, well, perfect.

More Than Your Typical Farm Game

There are a variety of farming games that seem to innundate the App Store for iOS and even more so the Google Play Store for Android. They all tend to focus explicitly on the cultivation of crops without emphasis on any other part of the farm. Hay Day may just be the singular exception.

In this marvelous game, players have the ability to, for example, excavate resources from mines, or even sell goods at a nearby shop. Altoghether, these aspects of the game make for an enjoyable experience for everyone, including the gamer who typically stays away from farm themed games.

In summation, Hay Day is a game that continues to have a wide audience for a variety of reasons, all of which are justified. With a unique control scheme and layout, Supercell allows a somewhat complicated game to be simplified and easier for a new player to learn.

In addition, the graphics leave the player in awe, and these players continue playing because the game is more than just a typical farm game. I rate this game a 9.0 out of 10-the only thing stopping it from a perfect score is that lack of quality when zoomed in that was previously mentioned.

Clash of Clans – Honest Review

Clash of Clans Introduction and Description

Clash of Clans is a game that is supported by devices that have an android operating system. The game is also supported by devices that have iOS operation systems like iPads and iPhones. This game is set in a way that you will be required to lead your clan to win numerous wars against the pyromaniac wizards and barbarians. Most players also visit hack sites to use their free gems Clash of Clans which generates unlimited gems.

The game is designed by accompany called Super Cell. Clash of Clans is a game where you are required to build your own villages that will fend off raiders, have numerous battles with many players from all over the world and also combine with other powerful clans to create a very powerful clan that will destroy all the enemies.

A network connection is always required when playing this game. The game has numerous graphics that are very beautiful and attractive. This is a game that is well supported by all original android and iOS devices without slowing down the performance of your device.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans Features

Gratis edelstenen Clash of Clans has very unique features that are very attractive and very beautiful. These features include; building your own village to form a strong fortress, the game allows you to raise and create your own army of the rage-filled Barbarians, wizards, hog riders, dragons and archers, the game has a platform that gives you the chance to battle with millions of players from all over the world, the game has a feature that helps you to join with other clans to form one strong clan that will help fight the enemy clans, the game also enables you to fight against enemy clans in very classic Clan Wars.

The game also gives you the chance to build eighteen peculiar units that have numerous levels of upgrade, this game also has features that allow you to defend your village with a large number of Cannons, mortars, bombs, traps, walls and Towers, the game will also help you discover your favorite attacking army from the large number combinations of spells, troops, clan reinforcements and Heroes and finally the Clash of Clans hack gives you the chance to battle against the Goblin King in a operation through the empire.

The New Version of Clash of Clans

The game has a new version (version 7.65.2) in the iOS devices and (version 7.65.5) in android devices. This new version was released on 5th May 2015 in iOS platforms and on 7th May in android platforms.

The new version has improved features that include; some push-back groups of enemies (flying enemies) with a new defense feature called The Air Sweeper. The new version has a feature that allows you to bookmark an estimate of 30 clans, compare the clans and view the clans easily. This new version allows you to receive notifications before your armies are attacked. You can also change your username just once in the new Clash of Clans version.

The new version requires your android device to have a free memory of 43 MB and a free memory of 52.4 MB in your iOS device. You can download The Clash of Clans from the Google play Store and from iTunes.